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Taigu Jihong Malleable Iron Castings Co。, Ltd。 is located in Shanxi Province, Hu village Magang Taigu County Industrial Park, established in 1997, is a professional production of malleable iron pipe fittings business, it has been 20 years of history and the cumulative production of malleable iron pipe fittings。 Wherein, the company in export trade malleable iron pipe fittings aspect, especially professional and has a considerable advantage, for many years the production of German standard fittings, American Standard fittings British standard pipe fittings exported to Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Mexico, Chile, Iran, Bangladesh etc。 including Europe, the Americas, Africa, East Asia, 20 countries and regions。
      In recent years, the company also started to get involved in the production and sale of domestic malleable iron pipe fittings。 TVS brand malleable iron pipe fittings and supply has scored in each of the domestic market。
     Taigu Jihong Malleable Iron Castings Co., Ltd. is a casting, galvanizing, machining as one of the one-stop manufacturing enterprises. this...[more]


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Company Name: Taigu County in Shanxi Province Jihong Malleable Iron Castings Co., Ltd.

Address: 108 State Road Hu Taigu County town Magang Industrial Area

Contact: 15235470280


Fax: 0354-6320128

Website: http: //www.eknruji.com

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